Positive Intelligence Program

In Just 6 Weeks – You Will Build
Your Emotional Intelligence Using Mental Fitness To Tackle Today’s Leadership Challenges.

Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential AND HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS

Team Dodd 7 Week Master Your Mind ProgramProgram Summary

Build Powerful Habits for a Positive Mind

Learn to thrive when everything seems to be falling apart

Boost your Self Command – Put yourself in charge of your brain through innovative 10-second “PQ” Reps.

Intercept the Judge – Discover how judging yourself, others, and circumstances is a key source of stress – which significantly impacts your wellbeing, your relationships and your performance.

Intercept your Inner Critic Choir – Expose your limiting beliefs and negative patterns to discover how they are hijacking everything you want.

Make the Powerful Shift – When you shift from self-sabotaging behaviors into “Sage” behaviors, you learn to achieve what you desire through a calm and clear mind.

Boost your Superpowers – When you activate and combine the five superpowers residing in your brain, you tap into the emotional intelligence that is critical to your success in life.

Get in the Zone – Learn to act without fear, without emotional distraction (even in the midst of crisis), and step into your genius zone.

Boost Performance

Improve Wellbeing

Strengthen Relationships

*Based on survey results from cohort of >2000 Positive Intelligence Program participants after six weeks of mental fitness training

Improving your Mental Fitness & Ensuring Lasting Positive Change will require …

Only 3 Core Muscles are at the root of Mental Fitness

What Is Positive Intelligence (PQ)?

Why this Matters Now!

  • Today we are living with increased stress and uncertainty.
  • Our relationships are being continuously strained.
  • The changing work environment is becoming more uncertain.
  • Working remotely and living in seclusion is adding an additional level of strain on us and others.
Know your inner saboteur: Shirzad Chamine at TEDxStanford

What are Your Saboteurs

Discover Your Saboteurs in 5 Minutes by taking the Free PQ Saboteur Assessment! See what is keeping you from achieving your full potential.

What is Your PQ Score?

PQ® (Positivity Quotient) measures the relative strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur).