Bill Dodd’s Career Profile

Certified Erickson International Solution-Based Coach and Positive Intelligence Coach guiding professionals to discover their personal and professional goals.   Coaching individuals and teams, and driving meaningful change in client’s business and personal lives, particularly in the accelerated and demanding High Technology Sector.


Bill has over 30 years of experience in the High Technology Industry with a depth understanding in the database technology field, particularly in Channel development in Enterprise Data Warehouse and Advanced Analytics market.

In the past 7+ years I have guide professionals to discover their personal and professional North Star and assist them in facilitating a viable plan. I coach professionals to realize their full potential by boosting performance, improving wellbeing, strengthening relationships, and building a viable plan that is sustainable.

Bill has worked at SAP, Sun Microsystems, Forte Software Inc., Sybase Inc., KnowledgeWare Inc. and Pacific Bell. Bill has a strong record in start-up, turn around and fast growth software businesses. The majority of his career has been in software sales and developing the partner channel. He has a strong track record in start-up, turn around and fast growth software businesses. Bill possesses strong team building, analytical, problem solving skills and excellent business acumen.

Partner Go-To-Market Strategy

Client management skills, with a proven track record to find new business while maintaining focus on current activities.

  • Successfully developed and implemented partner marketing programs.
  • Negotiated and executed complex client contracts/agreements.
  • Proven success in selling new ideas to clients and prospects.
  • Strong program development and execution.
  • Effective team leadership and people manager.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Successfully managed North America recruitment and development of Forte’s partner channel. 
  • Consistently met and exceeded goals, for example achieved 133% Channel quota and 120% of Telesales goal at Forte Software.

Professional Coach

Coaching in Leadership, Mental Fitness & Wellbeing and Career Developments

  • Coached over 500 hours, to improve my client’s capacity to handle life’s challenges with a positive mindset which has resulted in stronger leadership skills, improved performance, healthier relationships, work-life balance, and career planning with a purpose.
  • Data Driven Coaching for quota carriers – accelerating personal sales and professional development success . All direct sales representatives were over 100% of their yearly quota.
  • Coached SAP and non-SAP clients using Erickson Professional Coaching method to both overall team growth as well as individual personal development.
  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Erickson Professional Coach


Enabling You to Be the Best in your Personal and Professional Careers

Solution Focused Coaching

Main ways of producing Solution-Focused results that serve the world is to focus the mind and heart on who you are becoming and not what you are overcoming.

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Career Coaching

Work with individuals to help them identify, set, and achieve their career goals. Whether someone is exploring career options, seeking a career change, or looking to advance in their current field, a career coach provides guidance, support, and expertise to navigate the complexities of the job market and career development.

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Mental Fitness & Wellbeing

Mental fitness and wellbeing coaching is a specialized form of coaching that focuses on promoting and enhancing an individual’s mental health and overall sense of well-being. This type of coaching recognizes the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical aspects of health, aiming to create a harmonious balance in these areas.

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